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Did you visit us at the UNITI EXPO 2018?

For the first time, we presented the CiRRUS Business Solution to the general public – at the UNITI Expo in Stuttgart, the leading trade fair for the gas station and car wash sector. With the in-depth demonstrations, operators of gas stations, car washes, convenience shops and service companies in the Petrol & Retail sector were won over by the unique cloud-based online application!

This year an unbelievable 17,000 participants from 120 countries looked around the four themed areas of “Shop & Convenience”, “Mineral Oil Companies & Mineral Oil Trade”, “Car Wash & Car Care”, and “Technology, Payment & Logistics” and established valuable contacts. With 467 exhibitors from 37 nations, there was a lot to see and discuss at Europe’s largest and most successful trade fair of this type.

CiRRUS as the only pure cloud solution

Many business applications were again presented at the UNITI EXPO. However, CiRRUS is the only one to have a purely online/cloud solution without local functions and/or databases. Peripheral devices such as POS printers, scanners and forecourt servers are addressed uniquely in the cloud via an IoT Hub (Internet of Things). Each exchange of information from gas pumps, cash registers, and cashier peripherals (printer, drawers etc) is conducted exclusively in the cloud in realtime.

The gas station staff can thus also use the smartphone as a cashier workplace, for example. The associated flexibility of the expandable range of functions and the hardware independence amazed many of our visitors. And conversations quickly turned towards redesigning the purchasing process. The shopping experience, which is transmitted via interaction with a smartphone is unique and clearly stands apart from the competition.

A technological quantum leap

With the mobile applications from CiRRUS, all sales, whether FUEL or RETAIL, can be processed seamlessly from any location. If a checkout is overloaded, payment can be made from elsewhere using the mobile application. The receipt can then be sent to the customer by e-mail or printed elsewhere.

The MOBILE application can, of course, also be used “stand alone” for full utilization in separate chain stores (e.g. boutiques, bakers etc). In this scenario, business processes are developed which are minimal but highly efficient for optimum business costs. This is helped by the fact that CiRRUS enables operators to freely select which IT components are best to use – from simple consumer goods from the electrical store to professional industrial devices or a combination of the two.

Many fascinating reactions to the unique, cloud-based CiRRUS Business Solution confirm to us that we are on the right path – a technological quantum leap with which we can lead our solution parters, their end customers and, of course, you too into the future!

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