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Baked apples for Santa’s reindeer

Everything was one big rush, as usual. Impatiently, the reindeer pulled at their harnesses. Hot breath was steaming from their muzzles. Santa Claus darted between his shed, where he stored the presents, and the gigantic sleigh. He stowed away the last few packets and parcels. Then it finally was time to leave. Santa Claus squeezed himself in front of the pile of presents on his sleigh, wiped a little sweat from his brow, and gave the signal for the reindeer to get going. “Ho ho ho” he yelled – and in a huge plume of sparkling snow the sleigh left home base.

But before visiting the first children ,Santa Claus and his reindeer made one last pit stop and skidded to a halt infront of the Christmas bakery. This bakery baked the most delicious baked apples in the entire universe. And Santa Claus had never heard of any reindeer that doesn’t go crazy for these baked apples. This is why each Christmas, he took a break here and bought supplies for all of his team.

He jumped off his sleigh and had a hard job holding back the excited reindeer. He ran up the steps to the entrance, flung open the door to the bakery – and almost fell back down the stairs. What was going on here? Santa Clauses from all parts of the universe, angels, nutcrackers, snowmen, gnomes, and fairies where jostling inside. The shop assistants looked pretty worn out. Everybody was shouting and had red faces. And already the next customer stormed into the bakery behind Santa Claus and slammed the door into his back in a rather abrupt manner. Santa Claus turned around – just to look straight into the eyes of one of his own reindeer. He obviously had been unable to wait any longer for the baked apples. “Come on, don’t pretend that you’re starving – get out! I’m getting there!” grumbled Santa Claus and shoved the reindeer back outside.

Then he pushed to the front of the line topick up his pre-ordered baked apples. The shop assistants behind the counter were busy fetching baked apples, cinnamon stars, Christmas stollen, spiced cookies, and vanilla crescents from the back. The line at the till went through the entire shop. One of the shop assistants looked at Santa Claus with begging eyes: “Thank goodness you’re here! Can you help us somehow?”

“I have to do everything myself,” Santa Claus muttered into his beard. Then he took his cell phone out of his trouser pocket. “Quickly, send me the link!” he said to the shop assistant. He got the link ten seconds later and after a few minutes, he shouted above the noise in the room: “You can also pay me! The CiRRUS cloud is almost ready to go!” He loved the internet, the cloud, and all of the things you can do with it. The line in front of the till split in two and many angels, snowmen, gnomes, and fairies paid Santa Clause cash-free for their vanilla crescents, baked apples,and cinnamon stars. Half an hour later, the shop assistants were able to breathe a sigh of relief. “We couldn’t have done this without you,” they told Santa Claus. “Thanks so, so much! And here are your baked apples. On the house, of course!”

When Santa Claus finally brought the baked apples back to his reindeer, one half of the team was so fed up that they pretended they didn’t want the baked apples after all. “Goodness gracious, don’t be like that! I had to help out! And if I hadn’t helped, I would still be in there now! So, what’s it to be? Baked apples or no baked apples?”

“Well, alright!” the reproachful stares of the reindeer seemed to say. “But don’t let it happen again!” And in less than a minute they finished off the entire crate of baked apples. Santa Claus got back on his sleigh. “Ho, ho, ho!” he yelled and the reindeer moved off. “Nobody will believe a word I say again when I tell this story to the children,” he thought and laughed so loud that the reindeer ran that little bit faster. It’ll turnout to be a happy Christmas once again!


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