We love CiRRUS

Migrol AG and migrolino AG use CiRRUS!

Thanks to the innovative CiRRUS Business Solution, we have been able to further strengthen the business relationship between Migrol AG and BiCA AG, which has been established for many years. Now we are pleased to welcome migrolino AG: this means that around 350 gas stations and shops will be converted to CiRRUS!

Migrol and migrolino will use the CiRRUS Business Solution from BiCA AG for their future POS requirements. We are particularly pleased about our new customer migrolino Standalone, in other words, stores without a connection to a gas station. They too will start using CiRRUS!

This ultimately means that we will first convert the gas station network for Migrol AG to CiRRUS. We will then also switch over the migrolino Convenience Shops in these gas stations to CiRRUS at the same time as all migrolino Standalone locations, e.g. in stations and in other popular locations. We are looking forward to work closely with Migrol & migrolino in the upcoming year.

CiRRUS: attractive for existing and new customers

Since 2009, we have been the exclusive technology partner for POS and Automation (Outdoor Payment Terminals) at around 350 gas stations run by the Swiss company Migrol AG. In this function, we were also able to equip the migrolino Convenience Shops which are at/separate from gas stations with payment systems.

With the CiRRUS Business Solution, a CLOUD application for the point-of-service, we are creating an integrated new development: a fully cloud-based payment and goods management system – for all requirements from retail, the restaurant industry, and mobility.

We are pleased about the trust shown in us by the joint tender of Migrol AG & migrolino AG, each independent subsidiaries of the MIGROS cooperative group. This proves that the innovative route with CiRRUS is well received by new customers and also by our long-term partners.

Migrol AG, migrolino AG – thank you for your loyalty!