Bison Schweiz AG and BiCA AG release synergies

The strategic partnership between the two companies creates a broad portfolio of services relating to point of service, ERP, and goods management

The CiRRUS Business Solution developed by BiCA AG combines all point of service functions for the trade, oil economy, and gastronomy sectors as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) that can be used with browsers on any device. The cloud-based architecture also provides a flexible link to third-party systems, making the CiRRUS Business Solution, which does not rely on hardware, an ideal addition to the current product portfolio of Bison Schweiz AG, which comprises ERP, goods management, and BI solutions as well as electronic shelf labels and mobile applications.

The partners will continue to act independently in their markets and use this strategic partnership to boost their own portfolios with additional variants. Customers will be able to benefit from the pooling of long-standing expertise, particularly in the two main sectors, trade and oil economy.