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Real-time communication with shoppers at POS

Traditional market analyses have long since served their purpose. Rapid and direct communication from visitors is more effective and efficient for your business – and in real time, right at the POS. For this is where around 70 percent of all purchasing decisions are made. CiRRUS provides the “soundtrack” for this. 

Most visitors today carry “digital assistants” with them. They use them to compare your prices with those of other providers directly in the aisles. It has never been so easy to figure you out and prices have never been as transparent as they are today.

Your visitors are happy to be advised by expert staff. Yet they will buy from an online shop if the prices there are cheaper, and the delivery method is right. The possible consequence: you finance showrooms, showcase your goods, employees and infrastructure – at your cost. Your sales thus come under pressure and the costs for your engagement increase proportionally: there is a threat of cuts to staff, goods and locations.

Use the customer’s movement data

This trend is inevitable and unavoidable! However, benefits can also be actively derived from this development: shoppers inevitably leave digital data tracks with their smart devices, in other words: “movement data”. The business can generate useful knowledge from this data, for example, using “Heat Maps”. These record movement patterns and the durations of stays by shoppers. This data is, of course, anonymous and thus cannot be used for “personas”. But it shows:

  • Where do shoppers move on their way to public areas?
  • Where do they move in the aisles of the shopping areas?
  • For how long do they park at a rest stop?
  • For how long do they stay in a shelf area?
  • How many shoppers are ultimately converted to buyers?
  • What and how much do they buy on trend, in which location and when?

If shoppers are digitally mobile, you can also start a digital dialog with them directly. You can send them attractive offers or directly accept order requests. Very simple and very reasonably priced – efficient and effective. 

This has implications for business:

  • You can optimize personnel deployment and consultation services in a targeted manner if you know when and where your visitors and customers are out and about. 
  • Good dialog affects conversion rates and the higher average receipts.
  • In spite of competition with online shops, your gross revenues can grow.

Your customers make their decisions at the Point of Sale

CiRRUS provides technologies to seize these opportunities:

  • CiRRUS supports shoppers at the Point of Purchase (POP) with optimized services – on the journey, when taking a break, by the store shelves, and right up to the cash register.
  • CiRRUS supports “always on” for you and your visitors at the Point of Service (POS), by means of situation-appropriate promotions (whether as an app or as a touchpoint/kiosk in the sales area).
  • CiRRUS does not just process the payment transaction at the Point of Sale, it also delivers your customer movement trends, as the number or value of average receipts, and as article or goods-group-specific insights into your customers’ shopping basket. This facilitates the evaluation of your daily business.  
  • CiRRUS also enables you to recognize performance on the floor in real time and to promptly initiate appropriate control or support measures. 

But we don’t forget: around 10 percent of your visitors shop online if these online shops are reasonably priced, transparent and convenient with regards to payment and delivery. So around 90 percent of trade still takes place “on site” on the shop floor: as an emotional and spontaneous “shopper experience”. However, at the same time, the shopper experience is transforming into a new mobility. The “customer journey” starts “at home”, travels along, is ready “at the workplace”, and then accompanies the customer along the promenades and market places: “always on” in mobile dialog – outdoors and indoors.

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