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autoSense Fuel Card: The first digital fuel card

Networked technology is becoming increasingly interesting, particularly navigation and driver assistance functions which interlink your automobile with the “Internet of Things” and convert it into a “connected automobile”. autoSense with its Fuel Card App is a pioneer in Switzerland. 

Pay before fueling

The huge mobile payment services business sector is getting a new service – the autoSense Fuel Card, a mobile payment solution. It can be used at all Migrol filling stations. 

autoSense is a subsidiary of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG and AMAG Group AG. In order to develop a joint cloud, Swisscom contributed its IT infrastructure and AMAG its fleet management and service business. autoSense develops and provides services for private persons and fleet managers relating to the intelligent networking of automobiles, thus bringing your automobile onto your smartphone, so to speak.

The big difference when fueling with the Fuel Card is that you can pay before fueling. You choose in advance and in the comfort of your automobile where and how much you would like to fuel. And that’s how it’s done: Download the autoSense Fuel Card App to your cell phone from Play Store or App-Store and register your credit card. The map in the app shows you all Migrol fuel stations where you can use the Fuel Card already. New locations are being added all the time. Select the Migrol fuel station of your choice on the map and go:

  • Drive up to the pump, which is automatically recognized by the app.
  • Select the required maximum fueling amount and confirm your entry.
  • The fueling amount, pump, and suitable fuel type are released.
  • Fuel up and drive off. 

The bill is simply sent to you in the app. Your advantage: expenses billing is digitized, thus making collecting and storing receipts a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, you can export the analysis of your trips from the digital logbook as an Excel file, making it easy to keep private and business trips separate.

In the background: CiRRUS Business Solution

autoSense makes fueling simple and safe: only suitable pumps are released, thus making it impossible to put the wrong fuel in the tank – because autoSense recognizes the type of fuel your automobile uses. This feature is not just an added bonus in terms of comfort, but also interesting for owners of fleet vehicles: products can be restricted for company vehicles to ensure that no unauthorized purchases can be made with the company credit card.

We are proud that CiRRUS is able to participate in the use of the autoSense Fuel Card at Migrol fuel stations. The entire fueling process, from release to fueling and billing runs in the background via features such as our CiRRUS Business Solution. This means that you are now able to use your autoSense Fuel Card at numerous Migrol fuel stations that are already connected to CiRRUS, with new locations being added all the time.

As easy as 1, 2, 3: pay, fuel, go!


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