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The USA has a reputation for XXL! And gas stations and convenience stores are no exception. There are already 154,000 convenience stores and around 120,000 of them sell fuel. But will the number of convenience stores continue to climb? 

By area, the United States of America is the third-largest country in the world. In contrast, Germany is only equivalent to 3.6% of the area of the USA, which is over 9.8 million km2. And Switzerland represents a mere 0.5%.

Do you also find this hard to get your head around? To put it another way, the flight time from the East Coast to the West Coast is almost 6 hours!

So, it’s no wonder that the network of gas stations is very highly developed.

In a country comparison between Switzerland, the USA, and Germany, it emerges that there are almost 50 times more gas stations in the USA than in Switzerland and around 12 times more than in Germany. However, if you compare the number of gas stations with the size of the country, it becomes apparent that Switzerland has the largest concentration. With 8 gas stations per 100 km2, Switzerland is clearly ahead of Germany and the USA, which is in last place with 1.2 gas stations per 100 km2. Looking at Switzerland, this naturally poses the question why the concentration is so high.

Yet the question of whether this means that USA has a need to catch up in the expansion of the gas station network is much more important. The answer to this is a decisive yes! However, if you look at the population density in the country comparison, the USA is far behind Switzerland and Germany. Large parts of the USA are uninhabitable, and this will probably not change any time soon.

In the vehicle-focused USA, there is a clear geographical concentration of gas stations. Around one quarter of them can be found in just three states: Texas, California, and Florida. So, in addition to our office being in the center of Silicon Valley, it is also in the perfect place to conquer the Californian gas station business. We aren’t just here for the sun 

In spite of the concentration of gas stations, the demand for convenience and, at the same time, speed is also growing across the country. The NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) expects that the expansion of convenience stores will also continue. One reason for this is that the customer experience for the around 160 million Americans who shop in a convenience store on a daily basis is being further developed. Investments are being made in innovation, the product range is more varied, and this attracts new target groups. Healthier food plays a particularly important role in this regard.

Have you ever bought gas in the USA? Then let’s take a closer look! We will take you to the largest Chevron gas station in the world, which has an unbelievable 96 (!) pump points and a surface area of 4,600 m2.

If you drive to a US gas station, you can pay directly at the fuel pump using a credit card. If you would like to pay with cash instead, you go first to the store and have a fuel pump released. When you have paid the friendly employee the cash for the intended quantity of gas, you go back to the car and refuel. So far, so good!

But wait! What happens if you want to fill up your car and have paid too much or too little cash? No problem, you simply return to the friendly employee in the shop and either pay more or receive your change. We don’t think this is very convenient for the end customer. This payment process is also tiresome for the cashier staff. It is clear that things are rather different in the German-speaking area. However, on the other hand, we run the risk of someone simply running away after refueling.

There are options for both scenarios, for example, Mobile Payment, which provides the solution for you, your end customers, and also for your employees.

So if the expanding growth is combined with the different technological challenges faced by the market, we see great potential.

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