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Sneak Peek, Vol. 1 – Our “New One”

BiCA presents a new fuel terminal in a slimline tablet design. Flexible, versatile and significantly below market price!

Did you now that “BiCA” is known as the inventor of the fuel terminal? And even though we only recently started to virtualize the fuel terminal – our DNA – with our innovative mobile payment solutions, we remain an enthusiastic fan of high-end technology that is palpable! The concept remains genius: End customers are given the opportunity to fuel up even outside of regular operating hours. And what equates to ease for your end customer translates into value creation for you – 24/7!

In many markets it is an integral part of a “fuel station”, be it as a freestanding solution or a solution that is integrated in the fuel pump. Switzerland has a very special role in this respect: People in Switzerland like to pay in cash and as a result, most fuel terminals at public fuel stations are fitted with a note reader. This, in turn, requires a physical solution that cannot be replaced by a smartphone.

We have been focusing on such customer requirements during the development of new solutions since 1962. We are therefore extremely proud to be able to announce a new hardware once again!

Based on CiRRUS, our cloud-based business solution for the point-of-service, a new fuel terminal has been developed whose entire logics are in the cloud, thus reducing complexity and significantly lowering costs. The replacement of your existing BiCA fuel terminal costs less than CHF 10,000.00*, for instance.

*List price ex works, 12/06/2019; prices are subject to change: CHF 9,850.00 for designer base with standard equipment and 15” PCT multi touchscreen, IoT service player, receipt printer with retraction, EFT (PCI 5.x) with linchpin reader and NFC plus taxes; image shows special equipment!

What does this little gem do?

Absolutely everything! If you are a BiCA customer, you know how good we are! And we have taken this and put it on a new, good-looking designer base!

We have set new modularity standards: despite its slimline design, the fuel terminal can be fitted with a note reader – even on both sides! It is hardly possible to provide your customers with more ease!

And where do we go from here?

We are currently constructing three different prototypes that will be destroyed again during so-called compatibility tests (vandalism and electromagnetism). You can therefore look forward to verified Swiss quality from Rothenburg, Lucerne – built by people with a vision who know their stuff! Follow the BLOG to keep up to date. See you soon!

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