We love CiRRUS

CiRRUS Fuel rocks… at 300 petrol stations!

From the name of a Hard Rock band to the title of a Heavy Metal song: FUEL is a driving force and is therefore a fitting name for the powerful cloud-based CiRRUS business solution module! 

Thanks to the modular design of CiRRUS, we are able to launch individual modules. And our first ever module is FUEL. The rollout of this fuel management function at various customers is progressing rapidly and we are proud to announce today that the 300th petrol station is now offering CiRRUS FUEL. And if that’s not enough: More locations throughout Switzerland are starting to offer CiRRUS FUEL each and every day!

Physical link to price display, fuel gauge and gas return

The expandable forecourt controller by our partner CODAB also plays an important part in the launch of CiRRUS FUEL. 

Unlike the previous technology, which merely provided a link between the pump and the CODAB forecourt controller, the new fuel management tool CiRRUS FUEL also provides a physical link to the price display, fuel gauge and gas return to the forecourt controller. The combined controller for all devices simplifies complex processes and makes it easier to maintain fuel-related equipment.

But CiRRUS FUEL and CODAB provide even more advantages!

Thanks to CiRRUS FUEL, fuel prices are changed simultaneously at all selected locations within the linked fuel station network. Without this latest technology, price changes are still implemented via the HOS in an individual sequence – in other words, one location after another – and can take up to an hour, depending on the size of the fuel station network. CiRRUS FUEL, however, adjusts prices directly in the cloud and without delay for the individual fuel stations.

The intelligent modular design of our combo furthermore makes it possible to upgrade several fuel stations within a manageable period of time, as is proven by the daily conversions mentioned above. 

Conversion takes less than an hour

Our on-site engineers implement CiRRUS FUEL in close cooperation with the Support employees at the BiCA headquarters. The conversion takes less than half an hour at fuel stations that already use the CODAB forecourt controller. At fuel stations that are newly fitted with CiRRUS FUEL and the controller, the conversion takes less than an hour. And all of this proceeds smoothly without any interruptions at all to retail activities! After brief on-site instructions for the shop owner by the BiCA engineer, the foundation has been laid for a forward-thinking fuel station!

That’s what we call rock with CiRRUS!

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