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CiRRUS: Our gastronomy module tried and tested

A big thank you to the “Shine Bar Lucerne” team who has tested CiRRUS in their daily operations. It seems to have been a “shining beacon” of success!    

Our CiRRUS cloud solution is taking on an ever greater shape! More than enough reason to do a reality check and present our gastronomy module to the professionals of the Lucerne scene at the “Shine Bar”. Together with the team, we have tested our solution inside out in an initial test phase. The first impression by Marika, the managing director: “Different! And as simple as an smartphone to operate!”

“We are old-school and want to have personal contact with our guests,” explains Marika. “We prefer to look our guests in the eyes instead of staring at a screen. Everything has to go quickly in the background at the same time. During the CiRRUS test phase, we were particularly impressed with the speed of things. Adjustments take just a few clicks, and as everything happens in real time, I can always see how things are going when I’m away for a while.”

Table plan designer in real time

However, speed is just one of the benefits that Marika has come to value during the test phase: “Taking orders is extremely easy – regardless of the order being placed for a table or seat. I am also able to delay orders if guests order something for friends who are joining them later on. This is particularly important for providing good service!” As CiRRUS can be opened on all mobile devices, the service personnel can also take mobile orders from guests and send them to the bar through the cloud with just a click. This saves the writing pad, walk to the cash register and booking of the order, thus mainly saving time and nerves of both waiting guests and staff. 

As the managing director, Marika obviously also has other requirements. “The configuration is extremely easy! With the previous solution, we had to take whatever the manufacturer offered us. Our individual requirements were not catered for at all. CiRRUS is different in this respect.” The table plan is one such example: “We sometimes host events where we have to rearrange the tables. In the table plan designer, we can do this ourselves easily with just a few clicks!” The changes are displayed immediately thanks to the real time functionality. The table manager therefore also always shows the current table status. “We particularly liked that the solution is highly innovative. You don’t need much training and you can get started almost immediately.”

Intelligent solutions from the CiRRUS think tank in Silicon Valley

One more question for Marika: Can you notice that the solution was developed 10,000 km away in Silicon Valley? “The place where Facebook and Co. are located? Definitely not!” CiRRUS is being developed in close cooperation between our locations in Switzerland and Silicon Valley. We are developing the gastronomy solution as a CiRRUS module mainly in Silicon Valley. The intelligent table allocation was created by the CiRRUS think tank in the USA, for example. More to come! 

We’re on it!

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