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Our Swedish associated company CODAB will be presenting the uses of its innovative cloud solution for businesses to a colorful crowd of professionals from industry and retail at the UNITI Forum Tankstellentechnik in Bochum, Germany, on September 24/25. 

For 10 years, CODAB has been showing how branches should be managed across many areas and how operating hours and operating results should be optimized. Today, this is part of the daily routine at more than 1,500 Swedish and around 2,000 Swiss filling stations as well as in systems running across all of Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and Africa.

It all started with a simple insight: there are hardly any controls that show if and how branch organizations are functioning: What to do? Who does what? When? Where? How? And why like this and not any other way? All of the technologies you use, from Point of Sales systems to automated sales terminals, cooling and air conditioning systems to software applications, unfortunately can crash and completely block or slow down your branch processes. This could result in uneconomic processes that have a negative impact on your operating result. 

A slow-down in technology-based business processes can result in inaccurate error messages. As a result, services become incorrect, in other words repairs are insufficient, the wrong replacement parts are used and at the same time too many employees are working on tasks with the actual problem remaining unsolved in the meantime. What a waste of time and energy!

Service lifecycle and customer lifecycle: optimizing expenses and income

As an alternative, CODAB provides you with a “digital nervous system” (DNS) for filling stations and retailers. All systems (forecourt controller, cooling, air conditioning, etc.) and all peripheral devices (POS terminals, printers, price displays, etc.) can be integrated in the DNS through protocols that are standard in the industry. A real-time alarm is triggered in the event of a fault or device breakdown. In accordance with the principle of “recording and taking action”, the digital services for recovering the IT-based process can be installed through the cloud. Alternatively, a system or hardware component replacement can be diagnosed. As all of the systems are connected, and therefore addressed, in the DNS, the type of hardware and linked system environment are automatically recorded as well and the required ticket triggered seamlessly. 

CODAB thus provides you with a platform for uncoupling hardware, operating systems and software applications, which gives you the basics for virtualizing your branch. It further helps you to get a better grip on the service lifecycle with an overview of your expenses outlook, in other words to attach the correct sensors in the correct positions to record success blockers and cost drivers on site and to act efficiently and effectively through remote access. Do you know the hidden cost drivers of your branch? Or don’t they exist, maybe because they are “hidden” too well? Did you know, for example, that in a small drink cooler, every one degree Celsius temperature difference can sneakily add up to 8% in variable consumption costs to your overheads?

In addition, we provide you with the CiRRUS Business Solution to help you improve the customer lifecycle with view on your income outlook, in other words to provide the right customer with the right offer at the right time in the right location at the right price to optimize sales revenues and cash inflows.

Standardized and cost-effective branch management in the cloud

The combination of CODAB cloud technologies and CiRRUS therefore creates a fully optimized, fully standardized and cost-effective branch management in the cloud. The cloud connections don’t have to be online all the time. You can also send your branch data in “batches”. It’s no longer the end of the world whenever the notoriously famous digger has once again cut through the cables! As soon as your location shows up as being online again, the data is reconciled with the central unit like magic. 

You will therefore be reassessing your daily routine: when and where can you replace your on-site services and shift them to the cloud in a useful manner? And how will you introduce your employees to the cloud? In other words, how can you create a continuous cycle of planning, activities and controls that continuously increases your customers’ and employees’ satisfaction and at the same time increases your business’ income? 

To find out more about these topics, we would like to invite you to our talk at UNITI Forum Tankstellentechnik on September 24/25, 2019 at Gastropark Bochum, Germany under the motto: “The future depends on what we do today. We can’t predict it. But we can show perspectives.”

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