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Sneak Peek, Vol. 2 – World premiere!

The life of a fuel terminal isn’t easy! But we know that, as inventors with decades’ of experience behind us. We’ve put all of our knowledge into this new development to ensure that the fuel terminal operates well for you and your business in all hazardous situations!

A fuel terminal faces many hazards! A multitude of government agencies tell it which criteria it has to meet. Thieves who attempt to get to its very core. Let alone the weather…. rain, snow, tropical temperatures. And to top it all, it has to withstand an onslaught of customer frequencies. No, being a fuel terminal really isn’t easy.

We haven’t shown any mercy to our new kid on the block! 

Like everyone else, our fuel terminal must also be well prepared to face life. We have to teach it many processes and give it the right tools for on its way. And who better to do this than a good teacher? 

We have tested its thoroughly, from head to toe: To test the fuel terminal for electromagnetic resistance, we nuked it with lightning and high voltage. It has to be ensured that it retains its functions and that there is no risk to humans, animals and the environment in such situations. We also had to prove compliance with ATEX/NEC so that the new terminal can be used in environments containing explosive atmospheres without you having to lose sleep at night!

We also gave it a really good beating! We shook the new terminal in its foundations and destroyed it beyond recognition with extreme mechanical impacts. We were able to create a safe, for instance, that meets the highest safety requirements for the optional cash payment facility.

But even that’s not enough! Our new terminal had to endure numerous other practical tests, such as to ensure that the screen remains readable and operational even in full sunlight and that the temperature ranges are maximized and determined.

After the tests, we can proudly say: “Well done, kiddo! You’ve passed and are ready to go out in the world!” 

How soon can I order one?

After coming out of all of this alive, a feat that would bring any seasoned Ironman competitor to their knees, our new terminal can be ordered as from October 31, 2019. Your end customers will simply love its elegant design and intuitive operation! The system requirements are easy:

1.I am a BiCA customer

You can update your current BiCA 3.x software with Windows 10 IoT & MS SQL 2017 to version 4.x. Let’s go!

2.I’m not yet a BiCA customer

Time to become a BiCA customer and launch the cloud-based CiRRUS Business Solution at your filling stations and convenience stores!

We’re ready! How about you?

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