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In the coming years, the digital marketing space will continue to evolve, just like CiRRUS! While some principles stay the same, the tools and methods we use to achieve marketing success will keep changing.

August 9, 2021

To continue our marketing innovation journey, we created – at lightning speed – a brand-new website that centres on an engaging user experience.

We decided to create content around the unique core of CiRRUS, which offers valuable benefits to our customers:

  • A solution that is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises across multiple industries: retail, convenience, fuel and hospitality.
  • It provides small-scale companies access to the same feature set required by large companies; while large companies benefit from the solution’s simplicity a smaller company would seek.
  • CiRRUS is independent of, both, hardware (IOS, Android, Microsoft) and platform (all you need is a browser!).
  • It offers an attractive SaaS pricing model – decide to pay per use, month or year.
  • A solution that is always available from anywhere.
  • Real-time data and statistics to make better decisions – faster.
  • It accepts all common payment methods.
  • It’s highly customizable: adaptable to any financial regulations in any country.
  • Fast rollout and updates at just one tap or click!
  • Highly secure and safe Microsoft Azure hosting with transparent billing.
  • In collaboration with our digital marketing agency, Capptoo, we keep focusing on providing valuable content, creating unique customer experiences, and using various social media strategies and channels to further engage with our customers.

This project has been highly motivating for the entire team because it once again illustrates that the ultimate key to success is active collaboration. Different CiRRUS teams were involved in this very ambitious project, collaborating dynamically and in real-time with Capptoo’s top-notch marketing experts.

Other important partners were brought in to ensure high quality and inspiring content: Microsoft and the fuel industry agency com-a-tec provided great support! And the main lessons from this experience:  being humble, learning from and supporting each other, and thinking outside the box are imperative to make the impossible possible. And yes, we did it: a brand-new website in under 2 months! And a stunning design to boot, what do you think?

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