CiRRUS for


CiRRUS forRetail

  • Suits any size: small businesses, retail as well as pop-up stores
  • Competitive advantages: small stores have access to the same features as department store chains
  • For today’s customers: online orders, reservations, mobile payment
  • Independence and state-of-the-art technology for more flexibility


In context: this is how retail works

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    Point of Sale

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    Merchandise management

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    Dashboard: tailored to your business

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    Customer loyalty & Promotions

Shopping Trends in the Cloud


Shopping Trends in the Cloud

  • Inventory and stock management: always on top of trends and re-orders
  • Customer data: these records can be used to calculate order quantities and time
  • Business processes: globally compatible for every industry and target market
Increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty


Increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty

  • Promotion: simple and fun customer promotions
  • Discounts: dynamic price adjustments, by one click from the head office
  • Vouchers and bonuses: Gift ideas for holidays, perks for regular customers
Smarter business decisions with analytics


Smarter business decisions with analytics

  • Advanced dashboard: displays on your monitors aligned with your business model
  • Real-time data: you are always on top of the number of orders being processed
  • Central management: control all operating units directly from your headquarters
Keep your stock under control

Keep your stock under control

Manage your warehouse daily rather than on a yearly basis. Predicting long-term needs will help you save storage space and costs.

Boutique or flower shop: it simply works!

Whether your business revolves around textiles or decorations: in the future it will no longer depend on hardware or software. Your payment terminal is ready for business and runs with the latest updates.

Boutique or flower shop: it simply works!

Comparing old and new systems

  • Traditional Point of Sale SystemCiRRUS cloud-based Business Solution
  • Fast roll-out & easy operationFrom 1 to 3 monthsLaunch in 1 day. Platform & hardware independent
  • Stability and securityHigh chance of errors and data loss. Hardware dependent.99.9% uptime (Microsoft Azure). Fully secure data management.
  • Data accessAsynchronous lays, inconsistent data.Realtime access: anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Infrastructure support expencesSubstantial. Regular upgrades are requiredSimple maintenance: CiRRUS is always up to date
  • Pricing modelExpensive licences. High monthly paymentsLicensing and pay-per-use model: No software investment costs. Automatic updates.
  • ComplexityInadequate and outdated. Convoluted interfacesOpen connectivity: thanks to state-of-the-art technology and API utilization

The time is here for CiRRUS

CiRRUS has endless opportunities for customization that will fit your workflows. Get a free consultation!