Sales increases, process optimization, customer satisfaction

Complete and integrated solutions meeting the demands of any top-notch service station as well as the entire retail and hospitality sector

  • Simple.

  • Complete.

  • Flexible.

Point of Sale of today

Fast checkout. Smooth customer experience. Awesome features.

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    POS (Point of Sale)

    Simple handling. Intuitive operation. Significant time savings for customers and staff.

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    The solution for small, medium and large companies.

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    Manage articles

    Logistics that adapt to the market. Restock automatically. Order items as needed.

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    Prices vary

    Modern merchandise management. Price adjustments in real time. Daily. Hourly. Immediately.

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    Flexible & independent

    The point of sale is becoming mobile. Online and location-independent. Cross-channel and customer-oriented.

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    Mobile orders

    Click, order, pick up. The mobile shopping experience. For dynamic, independent customers.

Pius Dali

"CiRRUS is unique because it is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises across multiple industries: retail, convenience, fuel and hospitality."

Pius Dali

Chief Program Officer

Striking simplicity for your business marketing & promotion

Enhance your customer shopping experience through local, regional and nationwide marketing measures

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    Personal advertising

    Targeted marketing through personalized marketing

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    Total process control

    Real-time insight updates processes at all times

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    All-round campaign

    All-round service for comprehensive advertising campaigns

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    Dynamic pricing

    Flexible and intelligent price adjustments in real time

Nicola Rolando

"The key word related to CiRRUS is FLEXIBILITY. It works on any hardware, is platform independent (all you need is a browser!) and rollouts across multiple sites are done in just a mouse click."

Nicola Rolando

Product Manager

In the cloud: fast and secure operations

  • 99.98%

    accessibility in the MS Azure Cloud

  • up to 4.6x

    faster response time compared to traditional server-based systems

  • Manage your data: 100% secure

    Your data are stored securely: on the Microsoft Azure platform only accessible to you

  • Increase operation reliability: to 99.98%

    Virtually no downtime, independent of hardware. Thanks to automatic software updates and helpdesk support

  • Increase and decrease activities: at the touch of a button

    Dynamic price management, modern merchandise management: controlled from your head office, adapted to the current situation


Highest impact in day-to-day business

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    Personalized solution

    Independent of sector and industry: flexible interfaces and key figures

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    Real-time response

    Thanks to real-time reporting: immediately influence performance

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    Simple operation

    No prior knowledge required: can be operated intuitively by all user groups

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    Everything under control!

    The head office stays on top: of all operations and processes

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    Open interfaces

    Use of API technology for interaction with external software solutions

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    Autonomous workspaces

    Flexible workspaces for the individual user groups

Thomas Venanzi

"Customers and partners choosing CiRRUS will benefit from an amazingly adaptable solution. Integrations to third party applications and compliance to fiscal and financial regulations around the world are as simple as they ever been"

Thomas Venanzi

Senior Planning Engineer

On any platform, on any device: up and running!

Free your business from dependence on failure-prone hardware. Free yourself from outdated software programs. With CiRRUS, all points of sale and stores can be operated independently of your devices or servers.

The time is here for CiRRUS

CiRRUS has endless opportunities for customization that will fit your workflows. Get a free consultation!

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