Your fuel station under control —


Your fuel station under control —thanks to CiRRUS

  • Overall solution for any area: at the gas pump and the vending machines, in the store and at the car wash
  • All expectations for today’s fuel station are met
  • Dynamic price management
  • Local and central evaluations: Billing, market statistics, item ans payment means analyses and much more


In context: this is how the whole fuel station is run

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    Point of Sale & Self-service Terminal

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    Merchandise & Fuel management

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    Snack & Shop

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    Car wash

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    Customer loyalty & Promotions

Marc Lippuner

Marc Lippuner

Executive Board member at LAVEBA

Trusted by our partners

"Based on our trusted cooperation over the last 30 years, we were quickly enthused by the CiRRUS solution. For all our fuel stations, we prefer the greatest possible payment flexibility. Our decision there proved to be absolutely the right one. We will surely also take advantage of the novel screen promotion options."

  • Why choose CiRRUSSpeed of use, extreme flexibility, reporting, integrations
  • Outcomes & changesBetter data management, more in sales, improved customer experience
  • 1650000+

    The number of daily CiRRUS transactions

  • 3000+

    The number of payment terminals already converted to CiRRUS

  • 99.98%

    The accessibility percentage of the Microsoft platform

Closed ecosystem: aligning all business flows

More than just a set of useful features. A complete business solution comprising back office and marketing

Third-Party Software Integration

Hardware Independent

Partnership & Support

Absolute Privacy & Security

Investment Protection

Digital interfaces

In Real-time


Full Modularity


Transparent Pricing Model

Works on any device

Works on any device

CiRRUS runs on any browser and integrates excellently with existing peripherals

Comparing old and new systems

  • Traditional Point of Sale SystemCiRRUS cloud-based Business Solution
  • Operational readinessIn 1 to 3 monthsIn 1 day Platform & hardware independent
  • Stability and securityAvailability: device-dependent. Risk of data loss99.9% availability of Microsoft Azure. 
Full data security.
  • Data accessAsynchronous course, inconsistent dataRealtime access: everywhere and all the time
  • Infrastructure software maintenanceGreat effort, regular updatesSimple maintenance: CiRRUS is always up to date
  • Pricing modelExpensive licenses. High fixed costs.Licensing and pay-per-use model: No software investment costs. Automatic updates.
  • ComplexityInadequate and outdated. Convoluted interfacesOpen connectivity: thanks to state-of-the-art technology and API utilization

Is your service station future-ready?

Is your service station future-ready?
Self-service and self-checkout already possible?
Customers of the future will be characterized by great mobility and autonomy.
Do you already receive active support for your order process?
Optimized flows of goods are becoming ever more important
Is your car wash already linked to your billing system?
Manage your car wash sales directly from your head office.
Do you offer Click & Collect?
The entire week's shopping in a single click: Order store items online, pick them up as needed.
How do you control your forecourt periphery?
Gas pumps and tank, prices, vapor recovery, alarms: all centrally controlled.

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